Quotation from David Ben Gurion “To get it, we must return to the borders before 1967” — Mar. 25 1971

In an interview by John McCook Roots for Saturday Review
, in a realistic vision of the future of the "Jewish State".

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" Peace, real peace, is now the great necessity for us. It is worth almost any sacrifice. To get it, we must return to the borders before 1967. If I were still prime minister, I would announce that we are prepared to give back all the territory occupied in the six-day war except East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights-Jerusalem for history's sake and the Golan for security”. (…) Sinai? Sharm el Sheik? Gaza? The West Bank? Let them go," Ben-Gurion is quoted. "Peace is more important than real estate. We don't need the territory. With proper irrigation we now have enough land right here in the Negey to care for all the Jews in the world—if they come. And they certainly will not all come. No, we don't require more land. "

The Saturday Review, April 3, 1971, pp 14, 16. Quoted in Malcolm Kerr, The elusive peace in the Middle East , State Univ. of NY Press, p.98, full quote taken from the fac simile of Ossowo Argus Press of March 25 1971, page 14:
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