Quotation from Vladimir Jabotinsky “We Jews have nothing in common with what is called the Orient, thank God” — 1926

Father of the revisionist movement, explaining (like most of the colonists of the time) that the Jews have nothing to do with the East.

Author : Thematics :
" Short version:
« Jews, thank God, have nothing in common with the East. We must put an end to any trace of the Oriental spirit in the [native] Jews of Palestine. »

Long version:
"We Jews have nothing in common with what is called the 'Orient,' thank God. To the extent that our uneducated masses have ancient spiritual traditions and laws that call the Orient, they must be weaned away from them, and this is in fact what we are doing in every decent school, what life itself is doing with great success. We are going in Palestine, first for our national convenience, [second] to sweep out thoroughly all traces of the 'Oriental soul.' As for the [Palestinians] Arabs in Palestine, what they do is their business; but if we can do them a favor, it is to help them liberate themselves from the Orient." "

Quoted by Alain Gresh Lien 

Short English version :
Vladimir Jabotinsky, The East , published in 1926, quoted by Giladi, Discord in Zion: Conflict between Ashkenazi and Sepharadi Jews in Israel, London: Scorpion Publishing Ltd., 1990, p. 209.

Long version longue (undated) : Tom Segev, One Palestine Complete , Holt, 2001, p. 151.

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