Quotation from Yitzhak Epstein “The entire valley reverberated with their moan” — 1907

Writer and linguist established in Palestine in 1886, founder of the first hebrew school, speaking during the 7th Zionist congress.

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Indeed, we shall not let them venture out empty-handed, but pay them handsomely for their ruins and gardens […] From the point of view of common justice and formal integrity we are absolutely righteous, and go beyond the letter of the law. However, if we do not wish to deliberately deceive ourselves, we can certainly admit that we have thrown poor people out of their derelict homes and taken away their livelihood. Whence will the castaway turn, with only a few coins to his name? To this day, the lament still rings in my ears, the weeping of the Arab women on the day their families left the village of Ja’uni, which is Rosh Pina, to go and settle in the Hauran, which lies beyond the Jordan River to the east. The men rode the donkeys and the women followed them, walking and weeping, and the entire valley reverberated with their moans. From time to time, they would stop and kiss the rocks and dust.


InYitzhak Epstein, A Hidden Question, Hashiloah 17 (1907).  Quoted by Yaara Benger Alaluf, Why does the JNF still exist ?

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