[wrong] Words attributed to Moshe Dayan “We're here and you're in Washington” — 1979

Apocryphal or wrong quotation or doubtful.

Author :

I know you Americans think you're going to force us out of the West Bank. But we're here and you're in Washington. What will you do if we maintain settlements? Squawk? What will you do if we keep the army there? Send troops?


Cited in Paul Findley Deliberate Deceptions - Facing the Facts about the US-Israeli relationship, Lawrence Hill, 1993, p. 235. Then Foreign Minister of Menachem Begin, Moshe Dayan is said to have made this response to Jeremy Carter's call for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank. But there is no date or source and it is absent from the NT Times interview of October 28, 1979. Presumably an apocryphal quote.

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